About us

Who are we?

  • Producer of end products and semi-finished products for constructional retail

  • Supplier of our own Elephant® brand, known for quality and reliability

  • Manager of FSC® forests, sawmills and factories in Europe, South America and Asia

  • More then 600 qualified wood lovers

What do we do?

  • We produce all kinds of products to create your dream house and garden

  • We make every project in and around the house as simple as possible

  • We are lean and agile and work hard every day to reduce our ecological footprint

  • We look for fulfillment and joy in our relationship with colleagues, partners, clients, suppliers and communities that depend on the forest

What differentiates us?

  • We are fully vertically integrated and therefor apt to guarantee low prices and high quality and sustainability

  • We are a family enterprise with a long history and fully self financed

  • We are flexible, fast and solution focused

  • We supply 13.000 unique products with a stock of 60.000 m³

Less than 1 minute to convince you of FSC certified wood products

Our brands





Primaduta Award

On behalf of our company René van wijk proudly received the Primaduta Award ‘in recognition of commitment and outstanding performance in doing business with Indonesia 🇮🇩’. Although we have been active in Indonesia for over… Read More

Daily testing is essential

Due to the extrusion process of Wood Polymer Composites, daily testing is essential. Every day we test the strength of our decking and fence boards. Apart from that, we check the density, the UV resistance,… Read More

Quality over quantity

Despite shortages and price increases the highest quality Bankirai decking for the German market is ready for inspection and shipment. Our Indonesian graders are inspecting all wood products piece by piece in order to ensure… Read More

FSC® forest concessions

Pablo, our forest manager, took us to a part of our FSC forest concessions where our forest engineers are mapping all trees with coordinates, specie and size. Each year, we are only working in 3%… Read More

de Beste 100 maakbedrijven van Management Team

Trots om voor het eerst in de Beste 100 maakbedrijven van Management Team te zijn opgenomen. De Nederlandse maakindustrie floreert. De bedrijven in de Maakindustrie 100 van MT wisten 2016 bijna allemaal met winst af… Read More

Dekma Bolivia

Last year we moved one of our vacuum coat painting lines and fingerjointing machines from Holland to Bolivia. Thus, Dekma Bolivia was able to start the production of FSC white primed mouldings and door frames.… Read More

Rooftop terraces are becoming more popular everywhere in Europe

For this balcony, our Design WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) low fencing with aluminium posts was sold by our German client Karl Ahmerkamp GmbH & Co. KG. The anthracite fencing slats match perfectly with the existing… Read More

GPS in the woods

All trees and movements of our forest managers in our Bolivian FSC® concessions are registered by GPS. The decision to cut a tree is not based on the maximum allowed cutting according to FSC®. Instead… Read More

Cumaru, Bolivian hardwood decking

Bolivia CumaruOur Cumaru hardwood decking is sold mainly in the U.S., Mexico, Australia and China. The decking is loaded in containers in our warehouse in Arica, Chile, although the wood originates from our concessions in Bolivia… Read More

How to preserve the tropical Forest

Excellent video showing the importance of using certified tropical timber (instead of banning all tropical timber) to prevent deforestation!   Read More