Nightshift at the sawmills

The nightshift of both our sawmills at Dekma Bolivia is at full production in Garapa FSC® for decking and garden tiles.

Garapa is one of the nicest species for garden products. With a colour close to Teak and a durability comparable to Bangkirai but without pinholes.

After cross cutting and air drying, the timber is transported to our factory for kiln drying, moulding and oiling to preserve the nice light brown colour.

FSC® concession in the state of Santa Cruz Bolivia

Last week we checked the forest operation in our FSC® concession in the state of Santa Cruz Bolivia. We drove to the most northern part 45km from our sawmill where Pablo showed us the present logging site.

We are only cutting 10 trees per hectare after which the area is left untouched again for 25 years. Only the spots where the logs are stalled temporarily need to be replanted. The speed of regrowth is amazing. Also, since hunting is strictly forbidden in our forest the number and diversity of animals is far higher even than in the national parks.

Later we also visited one of the communities that we work with, which is presently doing the census of their own forest. We are helping them to become FSC® Controlled after which they can become fully FSC® certified next year.

Stop deforestation now

Sofar, the border between Bolivia and Brazil has protected us from massive deforestation. But we need your continuous support to preserve our FSC® forest concessions Dekma Bolivia. So please keep buying our FSC® certified tropical hardwoods.

Only by managing the forest in a sustainable way by cutting around two trees per hectare once every 25 years, our forest concessions can be preserved for future generations.Safe the forest

Accoya decking and supporting beams

For this modern villa in Portugal we supplied the Accoya FSC® decking and supporting beams. Due to the extreme stability of the Accoya wood, the decking is placed in straight lines with only a minute gap in between.

Our production facilities ensure the smoothest finishing in hardwood, softwood, Accoya and Wood Polymer Composites.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Dekker Hout
Sales B2B
Tel.: +31 (0)88 1885 100

Primaduta Award

On behalf of our company René van wijk proudly received the Primaduta Award ‘in recognition of commitment and outstanding performance in doing business with Indonesia 🇮🇩’. Although we have been active in Indonesia for over 60 years, it still makes us blush a little.

Many thanks to Enggiartarto Lukita; Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

Daily testing is essential

Due to the extrusion process of Wood Polymer Composites, daily testing is essential. Every day we test the strength of our decking and fence boards. Apart from that, we check the density, the UV resistance, heat resistance, freeze resistance and colour stability.

It’s easy to buy at low prices, but generally the quality of the product does not get tested on a regular basis. In many cases, only a certificate is asked for as proof of performance. However, anything could possibly go wrong at any time. Other than in wood where production defects are clearly visible.

In order to ensure a constant quality and performance; we check the production every single day, we test samples, we laser print the batch number and production date and we have insured the product just in case something might still have occurred.

Quality over quantity

Despite shortages and price increases the highest quality Bankirai decking for the German market is ready for inspection and shipment. Our Indonesian graders are inspecting all wood products piece by piece in order to ensure the quality.

It’s definitely a costly way, specially considering that nowadays wood products are purely bought based on price rather than quality.

However, since our company has been in the timber business since 1885, we believe that in the end Excel Sheet purchasers will be replaced and only quality producers will survive.


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