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Recently we flew to our FSC Amazon forest concessions in the east of Bolivia. Luckily we managed to stop the forest fires near the concessions.

Our sawmills are running in two shifts and we are presently cutting at only 17 km from the mills. At the moment we only cut 1,4 trees per hectare after which the forest area will be untouched for 25 years in order to give the trees enough time to grow, before coming back to the same area. Which by then will be even more dense than today.

Apart from our own FSC concessions we also work in the forest concessions of 5 communities near our own concessions. The census of the forest is carried out by the indigenous communities whereby we help them to map the area with GPS. This way they are able to benefit from their forest and they have an incentive to protect and conserve the forest.

At the moment we are cutting FSC Garapa, Jatoba, Roble (Amazonian Oak), Mandioqueira and Ipé. Which is then processed at our Dekma Bolivia factory near La Paz where we produce FSC decking, garden tiles, fences, cladding, joinery scantlings, glass beads and door frames.

The only way to preserve the rainforest is by giving value to the forest. Please support us by buying FSC certified hardwood.

#FSCFriday #TogetherWeAreFSC

Over Martijn Borgsteede