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FSC Friday

On FSC Friday we pay special attention to the huge benefits of buying FSC certified (hard)wood and wood products. Our direct and indirect clients buying our FSC products allow us to sustainably manage 180,000 hectares of our FSC forest concessions in the Bolivian Amazon (see pictures below), but indirectly also more than one million hectares in Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil.

It allows us to save the forest, but also to create a safe haven for many animals by preventing the hunt on bushmeat. We even see the wild animals moving to our FSC forests from Natural Reserves where hunting still takes place. The picture of the jaguar below was takes by one of the snap cams in our forest concessions.

Furthermore, it allows us to provide work and income to a number of local communities living in and of the tropical rain forest. By helping them to FSC certify their own forests they reap the profits and find an alternative to slash and burn farming.

Please consider the benefits when deciding between PVC windows or (hard)wood windows, between plastic covered cladding or real wood, between a house built of concrete or wood, between laminate or wood flooring or between steel or wooden doors!

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