Welkom bij Koninklijke Dekker

FSC® forest concessions

Pablo, our forest manager, took us to a part of our FSC forest concessions where our forest engineers are mapping all trees with coordinates, specie and size. Each year, we are only working in 3% of the total area equalling the size of the province of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

By only cutting a few trees per hectare we can save the forest for future generations. We only have to replant small patches of land that were used for collecting the logs for our sawmill. The almost untouched forest area fully regenerates during the 25 year cycle.

This specific area we entered today suffered a severe fire in 2010 ignited by peasants to the east of our forest for land clearing purposes. Although only a small part of our forest got burned and has recovered relatively well, many other forests and natural parks around us are being burned for agriculture every day.

So please help us preserve more forest by choosing FSC hardwoods for your windows, cladding, decks and fences.

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